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It's Here! ESC #1

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Dr. Edgar Slam's Expanding Shemale Champions is here!

Hammer Tyro bought a Colosseum with the money she made from ESFC, and the world is never going to be the same. We are all so lucky

Check it out on the store: Expanding Shemale Champions #1

All your favorite super-sized deviants are clamoring to get a shot at a match in the Wicked Way Colosseum. Heck, they might even fight each other for free to see who’s first.

The first comic will be posted to the Wicked Way Store on Saturday 7 January 2017. In true Edgar Slam fashion, it’s big, it’s so not politically correct, and it’s filled with shemales pounding each other for ... I guess they do it because they like it. 

In this episode—and each episode to follow—you’ll find a "full show" for the Expanding Shemale Fighters, with interviews and commentary, as well as abilities and powers of the individual fighters. This episode's three matches are:

  1. Manlee (acolyte to Manshee Blackmore) vs Gigahelm (a four-armed monster who refers to herself as a "debuting novice").
  2. Shackle (an evil warboss from another dimension) vs De Liquefy (a shemale with a jet-black body with jet black cum, which she uses to fill the arena).
  3. And the championship match! Hammer (the Boss) vs Cydrill (the big green half-machine).

Check out the galleries from the comic. Stay tuned. It’s going to be a bumpy and brutal ride.

Match 1 - Manless vs Gigahelm

Match 2 - Shackle vs De Liquefy

Match 3 The Championship - Hammer vs Cydrill


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