Tuesday, 10 May 2016 18:04

Store Release — Lost - Part One

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We have a new artist. Redapple2. You may have seen his work on Naughty Machinima. His dance videos are incredible. This is new, something original. An animation that redefines the artform. You think I'm being over the top? You haven't seen this video.

Karen and Sarah are futa elves. They've gotten lost. Someone — Karen [cough, cough] — lost the map when she insisted on a little dalliance among the daisies. Now, they have no idea where to go. Karen has an idea. More sex. Things go where you might expect from there.

This video, at just over nine minutes, shows what someone who knows what he's doing can achieve with commercial software. You're going to love the sex. Then you're going to be amazed at the quality, the sly humor.

Check out the gallery below. Then go to the store and enjoy the trailer. Lost - Part One.

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