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Our Store and Your Privacy Featured

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 We care about your privacy. It's time we told you that.

I visited another online store recently to buy an image set. When I checked out (using PayPal), that store wanted my name, address, all that stuff. I was reluctant to give them that information. Instead, I used my avatar, Fara Nevervar, with an interesting and anonymous address. To my surprise, the store accepted it. I realized at that point that the Wicked Way store did the same thing. When you check out, our store wants your name and address, even though all transactions go through PayPal. 

To be clear, A Wicked Way neither needs nor wants your personal information. We see only that your PayPal account made a payment to our PayPal account. That is all we care about as far as who you are. The only information we want is whether you like our products. The store asks for your name and address because that's the way it was created. There is an easy way around this.

If any of you have begun to checkout to make a purchase from us, and then decided against it because it appears that we want to know your real name and where you live, we understand. You can fill out any data in those fields that is valid for that field (e.g., numbers for a zip code) and our store will accept it because we don't use that data to verify you. You can be as anonymous as you want. For example, my address for the store records is 12345 Hylore Street, Farwater, FL 72714. Not a real address. Yet the store likes me just fine and I can use my PayPal account even though it doesn't have the same information as the store.

Enjoy the site. Enjoy the store. You do not have to tell us who you are.

Thanks for your patronage.


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