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An old tale reborn. New formats. Shorter stories. Amazing! Read on ...

The struggles with Agents of Adrasteia and it's length made me realize I need to scale back my focus. For the near future you can expect more and shorter tales, on a — hopefully — more regular basis. What's in store? Glad you asked.

  • What You Wish For returns. I am resurrecting my very first tale of futas in combat. I've started with Chapter 1 and am rewriting, improving, getting rid of the cruft. I'll publish, one chapter at a time, on the blog. I'm hoping to have a chapter a week (promises, promises). And ... I'm going to finish it. Think of this as a Saturday morning serial for adults.
  • I've found a way to publish stories in two of the more popular e-book format: epub and mobi.
    • Epub is supported by a wide variety of readers. You can find a partial list here: EPUB Readers. Another good reader for iOS is Marvin.
    • Mobi is the Kindle native format. The reader is available for all the major OS's.
    • Check the post for Agents of Adrasteia Part III. It's offered in both formats.
  • Sometimes shorter is better. I will be writing less, uh, complicated stories for a while. And, if the story grows, or people ask for more (you're allowed to do that, you know), I will publish each chapter as it's finished.

What else? Well, you, our loyal fans, might ask for stories. Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

There will be a blog post shortly with some ideas I have for more ways to pass an otherwise dull evening. Stay tuned.

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