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Store Release - Agents of Adrasteia

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Book 4 of the Dakota Grange series. Complete. Revised and rewritten. PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats included.

What is the price of justice?

  This is my first attempt at selling something. The story is edited and revised where needed to make the whole thing hang together. E-book formats are included. Your response will tell me if what I write is worth $1.99. Comments are very much appreciated. A review would be nice, too.

  Link to the Store: Agents of Adrasteia

  Dakota Grange and Maura Kenneworth are riding high three years after a harrowing trip to the Great Sioux Nation. They are the Brumaire Council's go-to team for correcting problems in unusual — and sometimes fatal — ways. Their personal relationship, never the most stable, is held together by a mutual affection for rough and inventive sex. Not everyone approves, especially Georgia Walter, the mysterious Dean of Huddlestone Academy and Corine Kenneworth, Maura's mother and sometime lover of both women.

  Trouble is brewing within the Council. The pair of 'fixers' find themselves traveling from St. Louis to New Orleans — and beyond — to find those responsible for a heinous crime. But they find things are not as they seem and must confront a troubling possibility. What if the people they are sent to kill aren't guilty? Will they survive the ordeal unscathed? Is there a price for justice that is too high to pay?

  In typical fashion, Dakota and Maura find fisticuffs and sex at every turn — and in the most unlikely places. Can their unorthodox relationship survive the strain of being thrown together for a prolonged time? Or will the temptation of sex with so many partners strain things further?

  Only Adrasteia and the Akicita know for sure.

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