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Founded in 2013, our goal is to provide an alternative to run-of-the-mill erotica. While you can find normal erotica here, we have made it our goal to provide a safe haven for the genres of our passions.  So join us as we strive to bring you quality illustrations, 3DX and text stories about futanari, erotic combat and more. Perhaps our passion will also become yours.


Managing Editors


The author of several works from short stories to novels, La'bel is the other major voice behind the world of Hylore. While Hylore is a passion he's also the author of the Dakota universe and many other works. He is also our resident Wiki writer.

   The Wicked
   Managing Editor

The original mastermind and evil genius behind Hylore.  Never content to just coast on his laurels Wicked is constantly pushing himself and the rest of the staff to new and brighter ideas....
     Prophetess Carmine
   Associate Editor

A hobbyist 3DX artist and writer. Along with labeltornoff she strives to keep the site and Hylore's lore intact.



A 3DX artist.


Based in the Philippines, he's an admirer of the catfight genre.


A writer, artist and idiot-savant - being unintentionally groomed by the leading Triumvirate of A Wicked Way.

  Victor Gomez

A writer by trade, Victor is an occasional contributor though always an admirer and eternal enjoyer of erotica.


An 3DX artist.


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