• Unconventional

    A high profile gamer-con and a men's room with an out of order toilet — and a hole in the wall. Read More
  • Lost :Part 1

    Karen and Sarah are futa elves. They've gotten lost. Someone lost the map when she insisted on a little dalliance among the daisies. Now, they have no idea where to go. Karen has an idea. More sex. Read More
  • Agents of Adrasteia

    What is the price of justice? Read More
  • Eye of the Beholder

    Those who live by violence often find that their triumph is pyrrhic and hollow as a dead woman's gaze. For in truth, victory is in the Eye of the Beholder. Read More
  • Game of Thorns

    In a world where fighting and sex can mean the same thing, two young warriors meet in a struggle for supremacy. They face each ot her in a series of bouts, each more demanding, and intense than the last. Read More
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Latest From the Blogs

  • Can Do 3—Part 7

    It's finished! Trinity Stone and Zenova de Crie have finished their long month of 'practice.' Have they learned anything? That Read More
  • Can Do 3—Part 6

    Almost there. One more part to go. Promise. For now, Trinity and Zenova work on their techniques. They also invite Read More
  • Can Do 3—Part 5

    Finally. Five parts down, one part to go, plus a short epilogue. The story is north of 46,000 words and growing. Read More
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  • Our Store and Your Privacy
  • Redkup's Art on the Forum
  • Stories News (& More)

 We care about your privacy. It's time we told you that.

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The artist Redkup has graced the site with his work. If you haven't seen it, go to the Member Art section of the forum.

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An old tale reborn. New formats. Shorter stories. Amazing! Read on ...

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